Bittersweet Memories  December 20, 2011 - January 5, 2012

Contest Completed


First - Chasing Butterflies
Second - Drowning
Third - Life, Love, Then Death
Fourth - Love's Refrain
Fifth - [writing deleted]
Sixth - Letter to My Mother
Seventh - Christmas Wish
Eighth - One Father to Another
Ninth - Ghost


Just a fun contest to enter while we wait for the 'I Love You, Sweetheart' contest to finish. Please post only poems. They should be about any sad or angry or any negative memories. I can tell if they are genuine, so please don't make up a really good poem on the spot if there's not a memory at the back of it to support it. If you can make the poem about Christmas, or a memory in the winter, then I can guarantee a award. I don't mind if it's not based around this season, so don't force yourself to do one like that.


Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams
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