Black Writing  June 16, 2012 - June 30, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


Submit anything, just make me depressed! Make me cry, make me shiver, make me scream, just give me some negativity :O Blood, guts, gore, death - I'll love it all. If you can write like this, then I wanna see it! Even if you don't get selected, I'll still love your work. Even if you just submit the word poop. But don't do that - they'll really make me cry, and not in a good way either! You can also include sad love letters/poems/stories etc. As I said - It's anything that gives you a negative feeling, when reading it! :)


A big frown on my face, perhaps a few tears. And of course a review for you! I'll also check out your other writing :)


Crying My heart Out Crying My heart Out
Screaming Outloud Screaming Outloud
In Silent Pain In Silent Pain


Iacon, Irk


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