Bleeding Poetry...  September 12, 2012 - September 14, 2012

Contest Completed


First Place - [writing deleted]
Second Place - [writing deleted]
Third Place - Goodbye Sanity
Honorable Mention - Forth Scar


A contest for poetry that delves into human struggle, pain, and the lowest of our emotions. Poetry has a way of revealing the raw power of our emotions, as well as the subtle feelings that lay beneath. Awards will go out to the ones who deliver the best poems that convey these kinds of emotions, or true human struggle. Whether that struggle be addiction, failing love, abandonment, or whatever.

I will be judging off the poets skill, as well as the sentiment described in the writing. Those that win will be placed under these categories:

First Place- A truly powerful poet, in both skill and emotion. Strong of heart, as well as in the craft of writing.

Second Place- A wonderful writer, with the ability to evoke emotion.

Third Place- This poet has the budding potential to be great, and enough soul to do it...

Honorable Mention- While this poet didn't officially place in the top three, they still managed to capture my attention. This usually means their poem spoke a great, emotional story, but because of technical problems in the delivery, they didn't quite make it. With more practice, they have it in them to do wonderful.


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