Blood Addiction Story Contest  March 4, 2010 - August 30, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


Write a story or chapter where the main character deals with any form of self injury/self harm...and any mental issue at all or no mental issue.

The darkest story with most imagery and description and action and dialogue and which is the least cliche but the most unique wins. (no poetry, unless it is an epic poem and has dialogue and plot...I am looking for interaction with characters and other characters' various reactions to the people who s.i. )

Limit: 5 pieces

*This is a contest about self-harm, not vampires, not murder, not suicide. I won't even consider stories that aren't about self-harm. It's okay if suicide is in it as long as there's also self-harm; too many people confuse suicide with self harm and think all people who self harm are suicidal. I have extended the date as to when people can submit so you can submit new stuff if you want!


Respect, writing exercise, just knowing that you're an awesome writer not afraid to travel down metaphorical dark alleyways in your writing (:


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