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Superior - Vampires Such As I
Excellent - never after
Tolerable - Midnight Queen


I want to read vampiric poems. They can be dark, romantic, seductive, violent, or mysterious. But, i do have a bunch of rules for this since so many people are ignorant with vampires.

Do NOT be cliche
Do NOT be twylightish, those are not vampires
Do NOT be overly vulgar, NO erotica
Do NOT send me a teenage vampire fantasy
Do NOT send me any fanfiction
Do NOT be immature
Do NOT overdue violence or darkness
Do NOT post a poem in a paragraph

Write a REAL vampire poem, prefferably traditional and classic. Do not give vampires another bad name. Be mature, be dark, be gothic. And yes, vampires are a big part of gothic fiction, its where it all originated. But not the stupid s**t that people pass a vampires today like twilight and such. Put twilight to shame, and show some REAL vampire fiction.

Oh, and i dislike freestyle, so try rhyming or having a pattern or some sort of structure.


Appreciation for not being ignorant.


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