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Reading and Deliberating


We're a colaborative effort. Bluet & Kiwi. We will be reciting poetry by ourselves, and by other authors who deserve a chance to be heard. Its hard to get published but we aim to shout out, speak softly, sing, in perfect key or out of tune, whatever it takes to gain respect and open the ears of society to modern voices.

We are now accepting submissions to be featured on the site. We need your help with this, and with the channel. The more views we get, the better chance we all have of being heard. We are accepting videos by individual poets, of them reciting their own work. If you aren't able to use a cam, or you are shy, or would just prefer us to recite it, that will be possible to. Just send us links to the work you want featured and a picture and possibly even a short bio of yourself so that we can include it in the sidebar.

We will only be accepting video submissions for the first two months, starting now. After that it will all be read by us, but we will gladly feature, rate, comment, and subscribe if you are already on youtube, if you will just send us a link to your page:)

We would prefer poetry, but this is open to all. Lengthy works might take longer to be featured, seeing as we might have to do them in multiple videos.

All submissions will be reviewed, and we are going to try to feature one or two each week, so the sooner you get them in the better chance you have of being featured.

This might take a while to set in motion, but we can do it, with your help. If you are not interested in participating, we would greatly appreciate it if you could at least check us out and give us your opinion. Questions and suggestions are all very much welcome.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you all soon.




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<3, Love, GA


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