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When your novel is published, someone will write a blurb for the jacket. Write your own in 100 words or less. Entice us to buy your book.

Here�s a helpful site:

You must have your book and at least one chapter posted on

A blurb is not a few sentences like a logline for a screenplay. Nor is it a detailed book report. It forces the writer to think of the most intriguing elements of the story.

This is how I cut my 200+ blurb down to under 100:
Morgan loves teaching, writing erotic stories, and drinking liquid fire.
She walls off from love, preferring bartering sex for goods and services, or for inspiration for her next story.

Then Scottie rocks her world. The famous musician charms his way into her house and needs to go cold turkey off his heroin abuse and wants a friend. Tag, she's it.

Bored, she takes him on. As the relationship progresses, Morgan claims she can "quit anytime she wants to," but like the drinking, she just can�t put him down.

Then the worst happens. They fall in love.


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