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Botanical Genius - To The Sun
Botanical Excellence - `My Sweet Iris Ensata`
Botanical Greatness - Blue Rose
Botanical Gem - Rose Garden


Create a poem of no more than 32 lines that describes yourself as a flower of any type. You may use any poetic form and genre, but please use the botanical name in either the title or poem. Pictures of the flower are not needed but may be helpful.
Below is an example of mine.


I am the Gaillardia Pulchella
Dressed in gold and deepest red
I'm the flash of color that you see
When everything else looks dead

I thrive in the southern heat
Setting roots in dirt or sand
I'm the legend of the indian blanket
Grown by God's own hands

The firewheel of great passion
That collects to her faithful souls
Butterflies who dance around
Like the stories of ancients told

The color of blood deep passion
Mixed with brilliant rays of sun
Dancing on breezy summer zephyrs
The sultry cantata has begun

My stems are prickly, strong and stout
As I hold high my pretty, proud head
I am the Gaillardia Pulchella
Passionate firewheel blanket spread


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Created May 17, 2015