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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  January 21, 2008 - February 14, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Rate Break Up Artist - The way it was for me
2nd Rate Break Up Artist - Can\'t Do This Anymore
3rd Rate Break Up Artist - [writing deleted]
4th Rate Break Up Artist - [writing deleted]
5th Rate Break Up Artist - Hope And Tragedy
6th Rate Break Up Artist - `another day without you`
7th Rate Break Up Artist - [writing deleted]
You Know Your Stuff - I don\'t recognize you anymore.
You Know Your Stuff - I know she doesn\'t love me
You Know Your Stuff - Grey


Tell about how hard your Break Up was... it can be the story or just the emotions around it... But it MUST be in poetic form... It just has to be a poem no particular style and it dosen't have to can submitt 3 peices and in the end the readers decide... Have Fun!


Pride, admiration and the satisfation of knowing you won...


Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips
Houston, TX


22 Contestants
42 Submissions
Created Jan 21, 2008