Bring me Tears  December 25, 2012 - December 27, 2012

Contest Completed


The Mindsplitter (So sad that even a Llama lacking emotions would shed a tear) - Charlie
The Tearjerker (Starving Monkeys in Africa think your work is sadder than their lives) - Nightmare on Haifa Street
The Sorrowful Resentment (You have succeeded in making me want nothing but chocolate and snuggles) - The Sketch
The Five Tears (You did pretty well, but it was no Breakfast Club) - A Brother's Hold
The Single Tear (At least you made me choke up a little) - Three Things


There is only one point to this contest. Submit something that is going to make me sob like a child that was just dropped on its head or a person with terminal cancer being told they have a few more years than expected.

I need something so deeply, profoundly sad that it will haunt me for days after reading that. I have faith in you. You can do it, right?

I also need it to be less than 2500 words, because otherwise I won't have the time to read them.


Winner is eligible to receive a hand-written love letter mailed to them, with three complimentary bags of tea.



20 Contestants
32 Submissions
Created Dec 25, 2012