Broken Hearts  July 12, 2007 - July 18, 2007

Contest Completed


Winner of Book entry - On Moonlit Hill
runner up to book entry - [writing deleted]
very good effort. - [writing deleted]


I want you to write of a broken heart that had been riped from its cage and thrown to the dogs. this can be true or false but i want to cry when i read this.
Now this contest is to set to were you only get one poem in my book and there is no profit for you. this it Mainly to get your name out there. i do ask that you enter if you are trying to get you name out there to become a respected Author. there are NO cash reward for this contest or from the books Profit.


$none, Your short story or poem in the Broken Poet of Dreams and Pride.


Zane Mathias
Zane Mathias
The Chthonic Kingdom


Created Jul 13, 2007