Broken Poem  September 26, 2014 - October 5, 2014

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Totally freakin amazed - [writing deleted]


I call this a calloboration of Minds! this is a contest or more a callaboration, i have started a Poem but would really love to see how others intepret it by putting there input in. it is always an amazing learning curve if you put more than one beautiful mind to it. So please add to the rest of the poem with your creative ending. The finished Poem will be a dual collaboration.

so here goes!

The inspiration has returned, the skies dark and air cold
I see clear what was once unclear and now it begins to unfold
We are all innocence by heart, mind and soul
But with our innocence, darkness goes hand in hand
And when your thoughts of hate surfaces you need to understand

That we are human not Angels from the skies
We cannot help for hurt, hate and our tongue of lies
Everyone falls and loses faith, our souls get tainted
We should be strong and with our darkness become acquainted

The true battle is to challenge your trouble and shout “come on Test me”
Stand tall and be the maker of your own Destiny


the Prize would be dual ownership of the poem and the chance to show how beautiful ones mind can work together


Cape Town, South Africa


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Created Sep 26, 2014