Brood: Theme "The day I tried to live "  September 20, 2008 - December 20, 2008

Contest Completed


The Overall Winner -$20 amazon gift certificate-web page - A Long Journey After A Little One
Oustanding- web page - Silver Ribbons
Excellent - web page - A Prayer
Good - web page - Trip Into Psychosis...
Good -web page - ID LEARN TO BE CLEVER
Good- Web Page - What Is...
Shows Promise - SEA
Shows Promise - Take My Life
Shows Promise - All I Want is You
Shows Promise - The Day That We Two Died


This contest is a bit of fun organised by me !
NB I may extend the closing date subject to entries !

Write a poem on the theme
"The day tried to live " if you quote the soundgarden song I will know
Free verse, open forms rhyming couplets all welcome.
Prize is a display page on

1st I do yours first
2nd I do yours next
3rd After that
4th and below

Though I would think "article on writing" and "The day I tried to live" would be very challenging !

(c) for entry remains with the author

*updated details*


$20, Amazon Gift Certificate or fun - Display page at and link to your website ( subjest to site)


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