But it still hurts :  April 8, 2008 - April 9, 2008

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Hurt burning with huge flames! - Where did we go wrong?
Hurt which will never gonna fade! - Yet It Would Never Do
Hurt which will take some time to fade! - [writing deleted]
Still hurts!!! - Betrayed
This wound will not gonna heal ever! - Three Of Hearts
Wounded! - [writing deleted]
Still not fine! - The Darkside of Love
Honorable Mention - Sleepless nights
Honorable Mention - China Doll
Honorable Mention - Knowing You


Ever been in any relationship? but unfortunately ending up thus experiencing the worst feel of your life..
feel about that ultimate hurt. I wanna read about that hurt!

results will be decided by public votes, and like my other contests..this one is also open for a day!


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