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White C' MAS Award - Homecoming For Christmastime
Silver Bells Award - Holding Christmas
Let It Snow Award - The Winter Of My Discontent
Jingle Bells Award - Festive Tale of a Lovers Quarrel
DecK The Halls Award - I Dare You
C' MAS Tree Award - Christmas in the Wolf\'s Den
Star Topper Award - ~The Christmas Star~
Garland/Tinsel Award - Christmas Storm
Manger Award - [writing deleted]
Snowflake Award - The Princess and the Wolf
Pear Tree Award - Not This Year (Not Ever Again)
Rudolph the Red Nose Deer Award - The Christmas Present
Angel Wings Award - Christmas In July
Reindeer Award - ~ ~ The Greatest Gift ~ ~
Turtle Doves Award - [writing deleted]
Elf Award - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Candy Cane Award - [writing deleted]
Gingerbread Man Award - Until Today, Anyway
Fruitcake Award - The Scrouges Disease
Yes, There is a Santa Claus Award - Editor\'s Letter to Virgina 2006


I know craZZy Huh? Anyway ~ just send in "SHORT" ~Stories, Poems, prose or Rhyme pieces about anything to do with the Christmas/Holiday Season,can be sad, happy or funny wrtes as long as it pertains to Christmas~ up to 3 pieces allowed~ and have fun with it ~no long stories.books, or chapers please~ Fran Marie


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