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This is a two part Challenge contest. You will first need to read my post. Once you have read it, figure out what the CHALLENGE is, and then do a writting of your own. If you are not sure if you have figured out the challenge, just message me and I will let you know if you have figured out the first part of the challenge correctly. Then write your own and post it.

I'll let everyone know how the winners will be determined later.


Andrew grabbed another piece of candy and scurried out the door. Before he could even unwrap it, he saw his mother come out from the kitchen and into the living room. Cramming the piece into his pocket he stepped back into the house.
Don�t look at the candy bowl, Andrew prayed. Even though he had rearranged the candy to make it look like none was gone, he worried that she would notice. From through the kitchen door, he saw her stop at the table where the antique candy bowl sat.
God don�t let her notice, he prayed again.
�Hum?� his mother pondered starring down at the bowl of candy.
�I didn�t take any.�
�Just why would you say that son?�
Knowing he had just given himself away, Andrew tried to dig himself out of the hole he had just placed himself into. Looking around for something to help him, he noticed the pistol on the mantle of the fireplace. Making a dash across the living room, Andrew jumped the coffee table and grabbed the gun. No way was he going to get in trouble again for taking a damn piece of candy. One way or another he would get to eat some candy.
�Please Andrew; it�s not that big of a deal.�
�Quiet mother.�
Running across the room, Andrew grabbed the whole bowl of candy and crashed through the door outside. Shocked his mother just stood there for a minute before coming back to her senses.
�That�s the last candy you�ll ever get son.�
Undaunted by what his mother just said, Andrew began to gobble up as much candy as he could. Very quickly he had the bowl almost empty. With only a few pieces left, he remembered he was supposed to be at band practice. Xylophone players were hard to come by and the band leader had said Andrew was the best he had ever taught. Youngsters now days weren�t into xylophones, they wanted to play the music of the cool bands. ZZ Top was one of the coolest bands Andrew had ever heard. Andrew often wondered if they would ever have a xylophone player in their band.


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