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Inspector - An Urban Legend


This contest is taken from a creative writing exercise I've posted in The Lotus Eaters group. I hope you will check it out and consider joining.
The Lotus Eaters

The contest is for poetry or prose. Entries should be the result of the exercise.

You are a Crime Scene Investigator, in a persons home after theyve died. What items do you find and what do you conclude about the person from those items? What do they say about the persons life? What do they say about the persons death? Take at least 3 items.

You could use items you have in mind, or, if you want more of a challenge to your own thought and writing, take some random items you could find on E-bay or from images on the internet. By taking random items you are forced to consider someone you haven't already conceived of.

3 items could be a lot for a poem, so you may need a few stanzas, or even break it down to a few poems. This exercise leans towards prose more than verse.


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Rod Zinkel
Rod Zinkel
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