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The Ruby Sandal. Think The Almond meets The Vagina Monologues meets The B***h in the House. Always passionate, proudly provocative, The Ruby Sandal is the collective journal of memoirs and essays by a culturally eclectic, world-wise generation of women with unique personal histories and true-to-life contemplations on sex, love, and relationships in the new Arab world. With so many self-serving global initiatives calling loudly but ineffectually for the empowerment of women in the wider Middle East, The Ruby Sandal makes the important and controversial point that female empowerment doesn't begin in the boardroom; it begins in the bedroom, and in every woman's psyche.

This anthology in the works is the antithesis of the post-9/11 literary effigy of women in the region as victim, an outdated, culpable concept duly trashed by indomitable, spirited, free-thinking female contributors who deliver their unvarnished truths with pragmatism, savvy, and astonishing self-awareness. In The Ruby Sandal, there are no absolutes. Middle Eastern women are as multi-dimensional, accomplished and awe-inspiring as our Western counterparts, and it is time that we are recognized as such. We are not timid, sexless housewives; veiled, tittering Paris Hiltons; war-ravaged w****s with children to feed; downtrodden, illiterate villagers. Similarly, we don't all make Forbes' Ones To Watch lists, nor do we all aspire to. We're well-educated, well-travelled, well-read; smart, passionate, quirky, and every bit as conflicted as our international sisters. We're wives, lovers, mothers and mistresses. The Ruby Sandal is subversive, belated rhetoric; a collective of defiance, restraint, desire and renaissance.

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