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Calling All Scorpios  June 6, 2007 - August 8, 2007

Contest Completed


Spoken like a TRUE Scorpio. - [writing deleted]
You are a Scorpio indeed. - [writing deleted]
A virgin have potential to be the perfect Scorpio. - [writing deleted]


I'm a Scorpio and love it. If you are one then you understand my reasons and most likely are sercretly grinning at the screen. What I want is for my fellow Scorpios at the Cafe to write a poem in any form or short story about being a Scorpio. It can be funny, playful, sexy...yeah sexy is good, or of course DEEP. I want to see if you are a REAL Scorpio or just a poser born in the wrong time frame.


Oh please...I


Yira Simone
Yira Simone
Writer's Cafe...address pending, CA


Created Jun 6, 2007