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Nefarious Nefarious
Evil has a new name, and it's Nefarious. Once you've entered his world, you'll never forget him...

Can You Make The Most Funny Poem?  July 22, 2007 - July 31, 2007

Contest Completed


Best of The Rest cant beat that, it's funny like crazy - [writing deleted]
Really Funny makes you want to pee your self - [writing deleted]
Funny Funny Funny - [writing deleted]
Funny makes some people laugh - [writing deleted]
Funny but ok because you made some people laugh, it's all good - [writing deleted]


Well write a poem on what can make readers laugh it can be something thathappened to you that was embarasing or something funny that happened to someone or even you.All type of writting are ok but TRY to make it short . THANKS


$00.00, Ribbons


Belen Gonzalez
Belen Gonzalez
los angeles, CA


Created Jul 23, 2007