Can you NOT write Love Poetry?  June 22, 2011 - July 12, 2011

Contest Completed


Best NOT-Love Writer - Byzantium
Runner Up - The Wasteland
Third Place - [writing deleted]
Fourth Place - To Wage A War
Fifth Place - The Specter
Sixth Place - Mobius
Last To Place In Top 7 - ++sleeper++
Most Believable Story - I'm Not In the Mood for Writing...
Longest Interesting Story - Epic
Best Flow and Rhyme - Hot Salsa and Cold Tacos


We all know that 75%+ of poems are about love or the love of something in general and for the most part the majority of contest winners are those who get sympathy points for writing such a "beautiful and inspiring love story". But there are also plenty of other things to write about! I am out to find and give well-deserved recognition to those writers who do not care for love poems, but about stories or tales.


$0.00, Recognition as a writer who doesn't use love as a crutch.


Brody Jack Jennings
Brody Jack Jennings
Lincoln, CA


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