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Celebrate Light!  December 21, 2008 - January 9, 2009

Contest Completed


Brightest Light - LIGHT AND DARK
Sun-Light Award - Tear Hiding In A Wall
Moon-Light Award - [writing deleted]


Okhere is a new contest and since tonight is Hanukkahyou will permit me to choose something very close to this Holiday. This will be a phrase challenge and you are welcome to express yourself using any poetry/writing form you would likefree verse, rhymeeven foreign languages as long as it is accompanied by an English translation! Everything goes!

Every Hanukkah Rebbenu (zl) told us the same storyit is for us to bring light into the worldHanukkah is for light, freedom of expression and tolerance. On Hanukkah, every tear sparkles with light! So---here is the phrase:

a tear hiding inside the wall

Good Luck! And this contest will run until December 30, 2008!


Brightest Light, Sun-Light; Moon-Light;



6 Contestants
6 Submissions
Created Dec 21, 2008