Celebrate Light!  December 21, 2008 - January 9, 2009

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Brightest Light - LIGHT AND DARK
Sun-Light Award - [writing deleted]
Moon-Light Award - [writing deleted]


Ok�here is a new contest and since tonight is Hanukkah�you will permit me to choose something very close to this Holiday. This will be a �phrase challenge� and you are welcome to express yourself using any poetry/writing form you would like�free verse, rhyme�even foreign languages as long as it is accompanied by an English translation! Everything goes!

Every Hanukkah Rebbenu (z�l) told us the same story�it is for us to bring light into the world�Hanukkah is for light, freedom of expression and tolerance. On Hanukkah, every tear sparkles with light! So---here is the phrase:

a tear hiding inside the wall

Good Luck! And this contest will run until December 30, 2008!


Brightest Light, Sun-Light; Moon-Light;



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Created Dec 21, 2008