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Changed the World - Useless, Broken, Nothing
Changed Society - UNLEASHED
Changed the Community - [writing deleted]
Changed your Readers - poem: formless
Poured a Little Light - Daily


We, the author can never know the true effect our words have on the reader. Maybe, just maybe, we might inspire a change in them that will then filter into our communities, society and world. It is for this reason I encourage people to be honest and open with their emotions and self identity. I believe that being honest about and sharing emotions can provide healing like a touch of magic passed from soul to soul. So I want Poems of hope, Poems of emotional honesty, Poems that show acceptance of the pain required to understand pleasure, poems of faith and most importantly poems that matter.

Each entry is marked out of 10 in seven categories, flow, craft, art, subject, effect, connection and honesty. Total marks available is 70. This will decide the final five, then it is up to you to vote for the winner. I give feedback on every entry (If you put your name on your work)

Please also follow the link to the group page for this contest (Changed the world (Competition). This will allow me to invite previous winners back in and to share your words on a larger scale (You will need to upload your work to the group page) every winning entry from each month will be invited back for the end of year poet-off.
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Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)
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