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Change  July 1, 2009 - July 10, 2009

Contest Completed


Winner - It\'s All the Pocket
2nd place - To Catch A Cochino
3rd place - Paean Reverie
4th place - [writing deleted]
5th place - Absent
6th place - CHILD ABUSE
7th place - Most Beautiful Poem (On Earth)
8th place - It is a Song
9th place - \'\'Change\'\'
10th place - Flush It Out


A word used a lot this past year, but what does it mean? What change does this country need? How do people react to changes in their own lives? I challenge you to write a poem about change, either the possibility, the history or personal change.


A job well done and practice writing :p


Sarah Buchanan
Sarah Buchanan
Dublin, VA


9 Contestants
14 Submissions
Created Jul 1, 2009