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I am offering to draw a portrait commission for the person with the best character concept! COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN FOR SUBMISSION FROM NOW UNTIL MARCH 15, 2012. I WILL ONLY CHOOSE 1 SUBMISSION TO DRAW AND OF COURSE, IT IS FREE! I will claim no rights or privileges to your character, only the picture itself.

Here is what you need to send me:
You will need to submit to me a description of the character (only one per person please) and what they're physical attributes are, scars markings, clothing and accessories, etc. Other drawings you have of the character would be most helpful as well, but if you don't have any that's okay too. Please submit this information titled "COMMISSION SUBMISSION" to this contest! To see examples of my work, please see the photos on my profile page or my deviantart page at It takes me roughly a week to finish a drawing, depending on the size and detail. I will send the winner a black and white outline before I color it, to make sure it is acceptable and to make any corrections to it.

I loo forward to see what crazy cool characters you guys come up with!!

- D


A colored portrait of your character drawn by me!


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