Character Development � Male Protagonist  July 28, 2007 - September 30, 2007

Contest Completed


Character Development ~ We HAVE a Man! - [writing deleted]


This contest is an exercise in telling a love story from the point of view of the man. I want to be able to get into �his� head and understand his feelings and emotions. You may use which ever voice you prefer, first or third. It is a character development exercise and you must incorporate the following requirements into your piece.

Write a short story (3000 word limit ~ it a limit, not a requirement)
Romance, must be rated �PG� or �G�
Must make it about the man ~ HIS love story

Must use two of the following phrases/lines somewhere in the text (in a separate email please tell me where in the story you have used the phrase, indicating paragraph number ~ I will not consider those that have not met this requirement!):

�I can say I have a dimple on my cheek.�
The day was dreary but there was a sunshine that could not be squelched within (my/his/her) soul.
�Lovely and amazing are the only words I could use to describe you.�
Two days passed and confusion set in.
Time will only tell if this love will�(finish the sentence).


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