Character Study  August 6, 2013 - August 31, 2013

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First Place - Second Street
Second Place - Here Lies a Man
Third Place - Auggie...
4th - A day in the life...
5th - Pale Wonders
6th - Still Standing
7th - [writing deleted]
8th - Grey


A character study is a piece of prose in which details of a character's personality are revealed through little to no action. In other words, this "story" will be light on plot and heavy on character development.


Though the plot may be minimal, the piece should include the staples of a successful story: conflict, climax, resolution, etc. (This is a work of prose, not just a character outline)

You may include minor characters, but should have only one protagonist.

I recommend writing in the "third person limited" point of view.

**Though the guidelines exist to help you, rules are made to be broken. But if you do disregard the guidelines, be sure to keep it tasteful.

Any of the following will disqualify your piece immediately:
(These are the rules you cannot break)

Colorful, obscenely large, or aesthetically obnoxious font

Pictures included in text

Centered margins

Any work of solely erotic value

Excessive grammatical or spelling mistakes

**Message me for an example of a character study
**Two submissions per person
**Awards subject to change



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