Cheery Poetry  February 23, 2012 - March 15, 2012

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(1st) Made me laugh out loud (which is very unlikely, by the way) - TP
(2nd) Made me grin. * applause* - Dear Math
(3rd) So sunny :) - Smile
(4th) That was...BEAUTIFUL. - The Maker's Palette


I've read many great poems here on WritersCafe, but I've noticed that a majority of them are depressing, sad, or love poems. I'm looking for poem that is NOT any of the above themes/genres mentioned. I want to read the funniest or most cheerful/lighthearted poems. They could be about nature, and incident/event that you witnessed was hilarious...anything of that sort.

I do NOT want to read any love poems. Period. No erotica and no romance in any form.

To sum it up, I am looking for POEMS that are:
- Cheerful
- Nature-y
- Funny

I do NOT want to read:
- Non-poetry
- Depressing
- Sad
- Love/heartbreaking

If you fail to comply to the above rules, you will not be considered in the contest. Thank you, and good luck. May the odds be ever in your favor...:P


Satisfaction of knowing your writing's appreciated. Fine -_- For some of you, that might not be enough motivation. So, I'll RR to my friends [Now, it's up to them if they want to review it or not...]


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Ami N.


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