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Help a worthy cause to raise money and awareness about child abuse. Would love to see poems about how you faced and delt with your past. Let's show the world what our online community has to offer. I have donated time, heart and writing to this worthy cause. Submit to the email below if intrested in publication. If unable to submit and would like me to forward let me know.

Submissions for Break The Cycle Volume III are open. The book will be published when we receive at least 25 poems or short stories. All submissions must include your name (plus pen name if you use one), address, phone number, email address, and signature. There is no charge to enter your poem or short story. No limit to submissions. There is no monetary compensation for works published, but authors will be given an opportunity to promote their website, networks, and contact info. along with being able to purchase the volume they contribute to at cost. Proceeds from the sell of the book will be donated to local and national child abuse prevention programs. You maintain the copyright of your poem. Please complete the form below and mail it to Break The Cycle Books, 7126 North State Road 3, Montpelier, IN 47359 or email it to Please print.

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My signature acknowledges that I am the author of the poem or short story submitted, that I am aware that I will not receive compensation for published poem(s) and/or short story(ies), and that I give permission to publish my submitted work(s) in Break The Cycle, Volume III.




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