Childhood nightmares  June 10, 2008 - August 31, 2008

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Did you as a child ever wake in cold sweat from a nightmare, your terror so intense your body was rigid with fear? Were you afraid to shut your eyes, knowing you would be drawn back into that dream, knowing that this time you might not escape?

Please share the nightmare, describe your terror, let me experience your fear, but hopefully something more original than the bogeyman in the closet. True stories and originality count.

In my recurring nightmare I was trapped, alone in a huge mansion, running up and down staircases trying to find someone...and then the whispering voices would begin, disembodied whispers that I couldn't make out the words.


$00000.00, knowing your childhood terrors were greater than those of the other kids


The worst nightmare The worst nightmare
Really horrifying nightmare Really horrifying nightmare
Horrifying nightmare Horrifying nightmare
Terrifying nightmare Terrifying nightmare
Scary nightmare Scary nightmare
Nervy nightmare Nervy nightmare
Nightmare Nightmare
Bad dream Bad dream
Bad dream Bad dream
Bad dream Bad dream


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