Choose A Prompt.  December 4, 2010 - December 11, 2010

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First Place - Nightmares
Second Place - Trapped in a Dark Room


1: Must use one of the options below
2: Must be a short story. Anything else will be deleted.
3: Must be a Contest Group member.

Option 1: Tell the story of a teenager trapped on a deserted island with only a handful of people. What will they learn? How will they survive? Will they be happy? Thats for you to choose.

Option 2: Your trapped in a dark room. Tell me how you got there and why. Was it because of kidnapping? Or maybe you put yourself there. What's your idea of what happened?

Option 3: Tell me the story of a pirate lost at sea. Is he/she there from running away from something? Were they taken there? Or maybe its some other strange reason. You decide.


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Created Dec 5, 2010