Christmas Countdown Contorted Carols Contest  December 14, 2011 - December 24, 2011

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The title actually explains it all, but I will elaborate it anyway:
It’s 10 days to christmas, and you are to write carols, but not ordinary carols: You are to either take an already existing carol and contort it, take, for example, the classical “Silent Night, HOLY night” and make it a “LONELY night”, or make “Merry Christmas” a “Scary Christmas”, or something like that, and then stick to the theme throughout the rest of the song, or make one up entirely on your own, but it must not be a real, praise-the-lord-and-merry-christmas-carol, it must have some kind of twist. Religious is generally not really appreciated here, my apologies.
The more originally you deviate from what is a normal, common carol, the better. If you decide to twist an already existing one and it can actually be sung to the original tune, you get cookie points, even more so if the rhyme scheme fits, too. Please point out which carol you contorted if it can’t be expected to be obvious to anyone so that your skills can be appreciated.
It does not necessarily have to be a song, though. If you want to base a poem on some carol, you can submit that, too. It would be prefered if it does look somewhat song- or carol-like at least, even more so if it rhymes. The later applying generally.
You may only enter lyrics and poems, even if the song happens to be part of your book or story, I am not going to search it.
Other than that, most anything is very welcome here.
If there are any questions, message the moderator.
Submissions will be accepted till December 24, aka Christmas Eve, in case of a lack of participation possibly longer, till New Year’s at largest.
Should there be a lot of submissions, there will be more awards.
Good luck!


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