Clever Fortune Cookie Messages  May 3, 2008 - June 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Clever Fortune Cookie 1st Place Winner - Quotes
Clever Fortune Cookie 2nd Place Winner - Foutune
Clever Fortune Cookie 3rd Place Winner - Broken fortune cookie
Lucky Fortune Cookie Runner up - 4th Place - [writing deleted]
Precious Fortune Cookie Runner up - 5th Place - Introspection
Satisfying Fortune Cookie Runner up - 6th Place - fortune i seek
Fortune Cookie Contest - Worth Cracking Open 7th - Fortunes for comp
Fortune Cookie Contest - Good enough to eat 8th - Fortune 2
Honorable Mention one - Words to live By
Honorable Mention two - Top Seven Fortune Cookies You will Never See


I'm looking for clever fortune cookie messages to satisfy a writer's taste for sweet sentiments. By the way, any raunchy messages will be kicked to the curb. Winners will be judged on originality, content and brevity of the message.
Winners have been decided--I was unable to put the contest through due to a hacker problem on WritersCafe. Awards will go out tomorrow.
You may submit up to seven fortune cookie messages in your one entry.

Any writer can enter but Cafe Love Group is sponsering the contest.

Entries will be judged by the individual message so whether you want to send one fortune cookie message or seven, you will be given the same courtesy towards receiving an award.

Contest Winners will be announced afterwards in an email to the Cafe Love Group as well. All will see the writer's names along with the winning fortune cookie messages.

This contest ends quickly, good luck to all who enter!

--Nuala Molloy Moran
Cafe Love Group
Spread it around, it's Cafe Love!
(Copied but never imitated). haha.


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Created May 3, 2008