Cliche Me  April 8, 2014 - April 18, 2014

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Best Story - The Complicated Life of Dr. Ekso: Superhero
Runner Up Story - Some guys
Best Poem - Things That Grow on Trees
Runner Up Poem - [writing deleted]


I want you to fully develop a cliché.

This can be a poem about how absolute power corrupts absolutely or a story about a boy who was told to "run, run and don't look back". Whatever medium you are comfortable with, use it to fully express a cliché (not just use the cliché, but have the cliché be the main idea and say something that goes above and beyond the usual meaning).

Some suggestions:
Don't take candy from a baby
All dressed up and nowhere to go
Back against the wall
rain on my parade
reopen an old wound
Opportunity doesn't know twice

Try or google for more ideas




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C. Rose
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