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Surreally Fantastic - Kali & Lilith Sipping From Each Other's Pens~
Awe-inspiring Brilliance - [writing deleted]
Soul Shredding Twins - Shedding your soul
Harmoniously Superb - The Conception of Life


Title says it all perhaps!

There is so much individual talent on here - so my reasoning is that doubling it = even better poetry

So enter collaborations with other poets on here (yes on here, not your "friend from home") - has to be collaborative effort - the more creative etc the better!! This is an attempt to inspire and up the talent on here - as working with peers can bring out the best or worst (if needs be!)

Poetry only! And a couple of rules (and yes this applies to YOU - no exemptions!!):

- has to be a NEW collaboration - so written/published as of the start date!
- has to be a collaboration!! so not one person with multiple personalities or just a tendency to enter everything for the fun of it!

** can be collaboration between as many as you want! 2, 3, 4 etc - and can enter up to 2 different ones **

Other than that, have fun!! For those who ignore rules and just enter whatever they want, you'll win a fail badge, but hey it's a badge - which is why you entered right? woo! - just follow rules - makes a better competition (will work out award numbers etc as it progresses).

You can both enter it or just one of you!


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