Colorful Shades of Life  May 10, 2011 - May 22, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


True to the title, I want stories and poems that have to do with the 'Colorful Shades of Life'. Whether the story or poem is about colors, uses many sensory details, or have to do with a colorful moment in your life, enter it here!

1. Only stories and poetry may be entered. If you enter a chapter I MUST be able to understand it without reading the whole book.
2. The rating 'Teen' is the maximum that your submission can be. Anything rated 'Mature' will be automaticall disqualified.
3. Try to keep spelling/grammar mistakes to a minimum. I understand if you make a few typos, but no chattspead please. We are writers after all.
4. Only two pieces may be entered!
5. You are more than welcome to edit your piece after you submit it. Just make sure that if you do, that you send me a message telling me so I can read the new version. This isn't a rule, just a curtosy.

Good luck on your Colorful Shades of Life storys/poems!



Lovely reviews (I hope) by me!


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Colorful Write Colorful Write


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