Coming out  October 27, 2008 - November 27, 2008

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♥�ber Special!♥ - in or out?
☻You Rock!☻ - Fitting In
☺Loved it!☺ - Promise


Write and submit poetry about when you came out, why you came out, why you haven't come out, how you want to come out or anything having to do with being GLBTQ and coming out.

BTW, october is officially GLBT History Month and October 11th was National Coming out Day (US).

If you need some help, visit my profile and read my poem: Coming Out.


$0.00, I'll review your poetry and give you a perfect ratings!


Xavier Honre
Xavier Honre
I'm in the little place in the back of my head where I rediscovered my inspiration!, OH


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Created Oct 27, 2008

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