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Conqueror of Champions - Avians Of Quests
Poetic Dragon Slayer - An Irish Partenon
Storytelling Beast Hunter - the peaceful goblin
Thoughtful Knight - Breed Wars
Soulful Bard - Faerie Bad Things...


There are many contests, and many upon many of talented poetic writings within WritersCafe, however there seems to be a shortage of High Fantasy Based Poetry. Here, you will be tested of your skills and compared to the other talented writers of this community through a competitive event where you are required to seek out your imagination and write with the genre of High Fantasy in mind. Poetry of dragon slayers, sword play, good v.s evil, landscapes, magic, trolls, elves, goblins, original imaginative creatures, mythology, entire new worlds, and even emotions described in a foreign tone with High Fantasy references is welcomed.

Every poem will be read, and upon query, I will return a response through private messaging. In other words, just send me a message if you have questions.
Please look over the Requirements before beginning...

1.) Has to be a poem based within the High Fantasy genre
2.) Must be creative
3.) Has to be written in Arial or Comic Sams font
4.) Grammar or spelling errors will deduct you of points
5.) Submit 1 up to 4 poems
6.) Enjoy and take your time

For those who need a definition of High Fantasy, so they do not write Low Fantasy instead or do not know where to start, let it be known that:

Low Fantasy: has a rational sense of being and is close to that of the real world which we live in, but has magic and supernatural influence within its plot. Kings and queens, for example, do not make a story High Fantasy for it is still a characteristic of Low Fantasy.

High Fantasy: has a setting of that which is known to be in an entirely different fictional world, which has the basic properties close to that of real world, but has many differing and added factors. It's possibly to be based on the real world and really exaggerated (ex: Sword and Sorcery), or can represent the real world symbolically (ex: Journey to the West's characters which represent humanity).

For a better description of High Fantasy, recommend Wikipedia or other sites you think are trustworthy.


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