Contest for the unexplained  July 19, 2009 - August 19, 2009

Contest Completed


Ultimate winner(I felt the real in it) - The Thirst
Runner up(2nd place, almost as good as 1st place) - [writing deleted]
3rd place(wonderful piece) - [writing deleted]
4th place(was very good, made it into the top four - SIX LEGS, PETE
outside of top 4, best in show - Begining
outside of top 4, best in encounters of the third kind - Crazy Loon
outside of top 4, best in strange meetings - The Circus of the Smile
outside of top 4, best in violence(i'll like this one especially) - Go Bump


enter a short story or poem about the unexplained. UFOs, Bigfoot, monsters of the unknown, that man hasn't proved exists or not. I don't suggest a ghost story, but they are welcome. I prefer though one of those close encounters with a monster or whatnot


a congradulations, top people will get reviews


Mr. Revan
Mr. Revan
Green Pond, FL


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