Controversy   April 24, 2013 - May 8, 2013

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Biggest Bad A*s - An Epiphany
Second Biggest Bad A*s - Burning Polka Dots
Still Pretty Bad A*s - Divide and Conquer
A*s Bad Enough to Mention - No means NO...


We all have opinions. Your piece can be about anything controversial, currently debated or not. Stand on a side of a taboo topic and speak your mind descriptively. Explain it in a way people like us can better understand it- through beautiful language that's personal and means something more than it does to those robots on tv. I don't care if you sound like a total a*s hole- just be an eloquently put a*s hole. Mmk? I'm not judging you by your standing.


Gianna Dale
Gianna Dale
Beaverton , OR


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