Copy my new style..."Soulful End Rhyme"  March 27, 2008 - May 2, 2008

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Soulful End Rhyme style 1st Place - Secret Admirer
Soulful End Rhyme style 2nd Place - Spec of Time
Soulful End Rhyme style 3rd Place - Circle of Life
Soulful End Rhyme style Runner up four - Missing Angel
Soulful End Rhyme style Runner up five - First Beautiful Woman


There's a new style of poetry in town and some have asked me more about my "Soulful End Rhyme" as I am naming it.
My mother was the one who read my poem and said it had "soul,"
and that is how I came up with the poetry type name!
Aren't you glad you know that now? haha

Please check out my poem "B A N D I T A" at my page...
at Nuala Molloy Moran... as an example to follow for form.
I could not post it well here due to the alignment of columns.

Contest rules: A minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 lines.
The column to the right must all rhyme.
The verse on left is free style
The column on the right--each word describes each line

It sounds more difficult than it really is!
It's fun and will burst open new brain cells.
Write about anything.
Tip: My rhyming dictionary came in handy for the last column.
Putting it all together is what creates the "Soul."
Any questions? Feel free to write me.
All the best in the contest!!
Whether you need soul or not, give it a try! :)
--Nuala (Cafe Love)


Be a pioneer and pave a new poetry style road!




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