Crazy, Insane,or Deranged.  May 10, 2012 - June 1, 2012

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I'll have Nightmares For Days. - Heart of Hearts
Okay That Was Disturbing - A Day in the Life of a Urinal Cake
Mildly Sick With It - The Interview


What is the craziest thing you have ever wrote? So crazy that once you read it yourself or someone read it that the only thing that they could say was " Damn you are f**ked up."
Any writing will do just as long as when I judge the submissions even i'll think that i would never want get on your bad side. Have fun and go wild, dip into the dark crevices of your mind and pull out some crazy,insane or deranged bile. 1000 - 2000 words please.


$0.00, The Sick Ass Individual Award.


Dez H.
Dez H.
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