Create Illusions With Allusions  April 8, 2008 - July 8, 2008

Reading and Deliberating


I love allusions! They help the reader understand the writer so much better. Write me something that has strange allusions that no one else would ever think of. Don't be afraid to be contemporary or just downright odd.


Self-Esteem (and we can all use more of that)


The Grand Poo-Bah The Grand Poo-Bah
2nd place is first to lose 2nd place is first to lose
Third rhymes with t**d Third rhymes with t**d
Eh. It's a nice even number. Eh. It's a nice even number.
Could've been worse. Could've been worse.




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Created Apr 8, 2008

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Erica is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Erica if you have any further questions.

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