Create a Vampire Servant  January 31, 2009 - February 28, 2009

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Servant to the Goddess of the Vampires - [writing deleted]


Like all Gods of the world, there is God of the Morning Star, the moon and the sea. These Gods have a Right or left hand creature that service them in every way they can. Like the God of Heaven he has a chief Angel that is of the right hand and services him and every way, shape or form, he is Michael the ArchAngel.

This contest is a character creating contest. Well, you may have read about her and know she is the Goddess to the Vampire God and the one who is a help mate to the God of the Vampires. Now, its time to create her servant or servants to the God of the Vampires. These vampires that are God have every power to be imagine, they can walk in the sun light, show no reflection, see the future and move objects with their mind and more...

So they need a servant or servants that can to the same and to service them the best way they know how. What will the character be? Describe the character down to their style, powers, dress, speech if any?
Have fun and be creative...

Entries must be, no more than a half page long, description only!
Any thing else will not be counted as a entry...


Winner will be posted on my Group Vampire God Journal



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