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In my books, including Generations, Lexi, and Survival, there is a cast of Immortal characters who control their own Element (e.g. fire, air, day)
Your mission is to create a new Element to be featured in the series, and drawn and posted on my profile on DA (happylittlecrazyone).
The taken elements are as follows:
Night, Day, Dreams, Ice, Air, Fire, Electricity, Love, Weather, Peace and Harmony.
Please no superpowers, like they have two or more elements, and also no royalty.
Immortals can morph themselves, so write a sample and description of their identity, including their Amulet, the wearable item that gives them their power.
What do they do for fun? Where do they come from?
For background info, read the books.
Best wishes!

(Oh, and the image is of the Queen, Luna. Her Amulet is the hairclip she wears.)


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