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Creative Burst  March 2, 2011 - March 5, 2011

Contest Completed


Creative Burst - Blueberry Water
Creative Burst - Havisham Dancer
Creative Burst - Epic
Mention - Counter Production
Mention - Chrysalis
Mention - Painting of a Lonely Girl


I want to see your most creative poem (poems only - though any type of poem). As surreal, visceral and visual as you can muster, I want metaphors I've never seen before, descriptions undeniably unique! Colours, synesthesia, language - get creative! Nothing boring or dull please.

Also relatively decent grammar please, if it's unreadable it won't win

If I talk/interact with you A LOT!! (so not just casually or on friends list) - then I won't accept in the interest of objectivity - though most of you would win on sheer talent alone!! but it saves the protestors - I'll leave you to decide whether this applies to you!

Ended early - too many entries otherwise.


United Kingdom


53 Contestants
96 Submissions
Created Mar 2, 2011