Creepypasta  July 10, 2013 - July 31, 2013

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Scared me to Death! - The Siats
Went Sleepless - Remember me
Got Goosebumps - The Ghast of Sir Vargas
Pretty Scary - Pale Red
Scary - The Fields


Name says it all :) I want a great creepypasta to read! Something that will chill me to the bone and make me sleepless for weeks!! Please, make sure it isnt mature or else i cant see it and therefore it WILL NOT BE JUDGED! Have fun with it and be creative. STORIES ONLY! Enjoy and happy writing :)


Nami Machae
Nami Machae
You Wish You Knew, AL


9 Contestants
15 Submissions
Created Jul 10, 2013

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