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Pioneered by people like William Gibson(Hardwired and Mona Lisa Overdrive), Philip K. Dick(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, aka Blade Runner, and Scanner Darkly) and the grandfather of the Genre Anthony Burgess(Clockwork Orange), Cyberpunk is a genre about warning society about what we may be like in the near future if current trends do not change. It is hard, it is edgy, it is often amoralistic. Everybody you see in normal fiction is a slightly darker version(if not a lot darker) in Cyberpunk. This genre is not for the optimistic, the faint at heart, or those afraid of offending people. Be warned.
All story lengths are accepted. If you can write a book in a month, more power too you. According to legend, Burgess wrote "the Clockwork Orange" in three weeks, so see if you can beat the master.

Special Note on Genre: Most Cyberpunk stories feature a sweeping societal change that creates a dystopian(polar opposite of utopian) future. Many of the protagonists of Cyberpunk fall easily into the anti-hero category and are typically bad people in their own light who find that they have to draw the line somewhere because of events that unfold in their stories. A lot of Cyberpunk stories use mystery noir techniques in presentation, but there are so very good post modernists as well.


Cover designs for the top three stories.


The Anthony Burgess The Anthony Burgess


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