DArKneSS BeComEs YoU  August 3, 2008 - September 1, 2008

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DArKneSS BeCoMeS YoU Award - [writing deleted]
DarKeR THan DaRk Award - Walk with me Once More!
Oh! Sooo Very,VEry DArK Award - [writing deleted]
Oh! soo Very DArK Award - Lust and Longing
Oh!! so DARK Award - Eternal Emptiness
The DArK Award - Only Angels Have Wings
I'm Somewhat Dark Award - [writing deleted]
ChiLLer ^ Dark Award - Negative
SpooKy ^ Dark Award - [writing deleted]
CReePy ^ DarK Award - [writing deleted]
The HAunting ^ DArK Award - Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde
Scary ^ DArk Award - [writing deleted]
^ FReaKy ^Friday 13th DARK Award - Rotten Meat In Our Tomb
Darkest Honorable Mention Award - Demon Haze
DarkER HM Award - Bloodlust
So Very Dark HM Award - [writing deleted]
Soo DArK HM Award - Angel in the Shadows
The DArk HM Award - In the silence
Honorable Mention Awaed - Splatter
Honorable Mention Award - Midnight Phantom


Show how dark your writes can be~ in the Darkness becomes you contest
Send in poems, rhyme or prose~SHORT!! stories~ very short stories~ no long chapters or bks please~ you can send up to 2 pieces~ it can be about depression, killings, Vamps, werewolfies, Ghosts,mummies,zombies etc...or any type monsters or perhaps just the dark night~whatever as long as you make it dark~ So lets see if DArKneSS really becomes you~Have fun~Fran Marie


a year supply of light bulbs~I


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
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