Dark Testimony Contenst  April 10, 2007 - November 14, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


I am sure some of you who write on here are Christians and sometimes you see the testimony that is the run of the mill then you see the testimony that will flat out scare the crap out of people. I am looking for the one that will flat out scare people here. There will be about 19 authors that will be chosen on this one for this publication, and stories for the contest will be 3200 to 8800 words.

I am not looking for the preachy ones and if you were from an occult background that converted to Christianity -- don't be completely preachy about it and go into it with a real Horror angle. Scare the hell out of me when writing it. The stories will be printed in an anthology and featured at Gothicfest 2007, local winners of this contest will accompany me during the event.

I am not looking for the evangelical approach here so if you're writing that kind of testimony that isn't what I am looking for here. I am looking for something dark and haunting. Keep in mind I live around two Christian colleges and want something that I can leave on their doorstep without pissing them off, yet at the same time leave them disturbed to think that they're too sheltered.

You must be over 18 for consideration for publication. and over 21 for the signing.


winners will be featured in an anthology of Dark Testimonies. Overall winner will get a .pdf copy of everything Lake Fossil Press had put out.


copy of project. copy of project.
will get a couple publications from me, signed. will get a couple publications from me, signed.
will get a DVD of a classic horror film will get a DVD of a classic horror film



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